Business Communication in English

Is your English holding you back in your performance?
Improve your way to explain, present, persuade and move to action.
In our individual sessions we enable communication in English through coaching techniques to help you:
  • Overcome language barriers, identify unconscious behaviours and articulate yourself with more presence and authenticity
  • Boost your word power, intuitive listening and questioning for influential and compassionate communication
  • Determine the appropriate English speaking style when interacting, meeting or presenting on video
  • Sound inspiring, feel confident and comfortable in your important moments
Are you an executive looking to transform communication in your company? Or perhaps you’re seeking coaching as you experience a new level of leadership? 


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Soft Skills

The language of your personality
is one of your greatest assets.
That’s why we work on strengthening your interpersonal skills first.


A high English level is essential almost in all work scenarios. But language alone is not enough, especially if you manage people and fall short in the area of soft skills. In our sessions we use emotional information to develop the interpersonal skills you need and add value to your efforts on the job. We focus on how you communicate, how you listen, how you feel, the language you use...while noticing а shift in your business language skills and improved performance.


Through the communicative-coaching approach and realistic simulations you learn to be more present, conscious and language aware.This translates into higher levels of engagement and team unity across the entire organization.









Get clear. Get there.

We clarify exactly what it is you want to achieve, assess your priority areas, perceived limitations, success criteria and tailor coaching to your needs.

(1 discovery session)
















Review and closure.

Evaluate professional and personal outcomes, achievements, and impact of the coaching process. You leave with customized combination of tools for the future.

(1 completion session)



Working the plan.

We break the barriers of communication, remove inner blocks, uncover opportunities, access your own power and initiate the desired changes.

(18-24 working sessions)

Your Business English and technical skills (IQ) on the job are much more valuable when combined with strong soft skills (EQ). The best of both goes beyond professions, jobs and industries and becomes your lifelong skill.







  • Eleonora, L., Operations Manager, EMED Group

    Madlen teaches real communication in English. Since my team and I started sessions a few months ago, with Madlen we have been practising highly-realistic role plays and discussing work scenarios that are directly connected with our daily tasks and responsibilities. As a result we improved our internal communication, English fluency and became more conscious of words  and business terms. With Madlen it’s more than just improving English language skills, it’s a new way of looking at yourself and others.

  • Dr. Elizabeth N., Dermatologist, City Clinic

    My experience with Madlen was and is still very rewarding. I needed to improve my English language skills and get out of my shell so to speak. Now I feel I am becoming more confident and professional. Madlen is a multi-talented coach, with great people skills. I am very impressed and grateful for her commitment and friendship. I’d recommend her to anyone who needs to master public speaking or presentations in English.

  • Teodor S., Software Developer, IGSoft

    Madlen is a professional and competent English communication coach. Our company has hired her to help us effectively communicate in our team meetings and international projects and also we have recommended her to other organizations for communication coaching services in English. She builds the training program around the team’s needs to help achieve their goals. Very efficient!

  • Mira M., Event Manager, Happy Tour Group Ltd

    I have always had self-esteem and confidence issues particularly when I had to twist my tongue and thinking in English to speak with our international corporate clients. Madlen has guided me to realize my inner blocks and limiting beliefs and that’s where the language really started to open up. Now I feel I can express myself in English without boundaries. 

    Thank you.

  • George P., Regional Manager, Ficosota Syntez

    I would highly recommend Madlen as an English communication and executive presence coach. I connected with her soon after landing a promotion and from our first meeting, I was impressed by how well she understood my specific goals and challenges in my leadership role. I have been able to leverage our sessions into being a more impactful leader at work with clients, internal stakeholders, and junior talent. Madlen makes a significant difference to my professional life.