As a business English and soft skills coach, I understand first-hand the importance of motivation, self-perception and emotional triggers in the process of learning and professional development.  Old ways of teaching are not working anymore. As opposed to the true benefits of coaching where we focus on social and self-awareness, communication and engagement- fostering mindfulness and profound personal transformation as a result.


It is the purpose of my life’s work to encourage professionals and business leaders to demonstrate their character in a powerful way, express their heartfelt opinions at ease, speak up in English when it matters and pursue a course that reflects who they truly are.


I have now pooled my experience and qualification in business, executive coaching and teaching under one roof offering my clients the expertise that focuses entirely on aligning their interpersonal, emotional and language skills with their career roles.



Professional Coach Certification from ICF Accredited Institute iPEC, US

Master of Business Administration in General Management at University of Sheffield, UK

Postgraduate Degree in Hotel Management at César Ritz, Switzerland

Bachelor's degree in International Economic Relations, UE, BG

Certified Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner


I coach English communication and soft skills because I realize that many people have professional and social goals which require certain skill sets enhancement, executive English training and guidance to catapult confidence and leadership communication. That’s where my signature communicative-coaching methodology comes into play. It blends authentic learning, upskilling through English advancement and principles from the field of life coaching. Communicative-coaching is a unique approach to enable soft skills development and fluency simultaneously through conversations, impromptus, role-plays, listening and questioning, self-reflection and feedback.


The program has proven to be highly effective for people who are ready to step up and move forward, who want to master English for management purposes and bring their total awareness to their leadership position.


Explorer.  Linguaphile.  Instigator.  Bon Vivant.


I am living my vision and am doing work I love on my terms. I have worked with companies ranging in size from small entrepreneurial ventures and start-ups to major businesses. My clients describe the particular strengths I bring to their coaching and learning experience as my upbeat attitude, wise perspectives, a coaching style that is firm, but inspiring and ability to empower them hone their communication skills and executive presence.


If you want to gain a better foothold on what’s not working or improve something that is, engaging a personal Coach can help. Maybe you want to improve your leadership and communication skills, increase your emotional intelligence, cultivate more talent, or develop self-confidence. Whatever you are looking for, your time with me will be motivating and well spent.

Finally, I strive to live by this quote by Mary Shelley:

“Nothing contributes so much to tranquillize the mind as a steady purpose- a point on which the soul may fix its intellectual eye.”

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  • Eleonora, L., Operations Manager, EMED Group

    Madlen teaches real communication in English. Since my team and I started sessions a few months ago, with Madlen we have been practising highly-realistic role plays and discussing work scenarios that are directly connected with our daily tasks and responsibilities. As a result we improved our internal communication, English fluency and became more conscious of words  and business terms. With Madlen it’s more than just improving English language skills, it’s a new way of looking at yourself and others.

  • Dr. Elizabeth N., Dermatologist, City Clinic

    My experience with Madlen was and is still very rewarding. I needed to improve my English language skills and get out of my shell so to speak. Now I feel I am becoming more confident and professional. Madlen is a multi-talented coach, with great people skills. I am very impressed and grateful for her commitment and friendship. I’d recommend her to anyone who needs to master public speaking or presentations in English.

  • Teodor S., Software Developer, IGSoft

    Madlen is a professional and competent English communication coach. Our company has hired her to help us effectively communicate in our team meetings and international projects and also we have recommended her to other organizations for communication coaching services in English. She builds the training program around the team’s needs to help achieve their goals. Very efficient!

  • Mira M., Event Manager, Happy Tour Group Ltd

    I have always had self-esteem and confidence issues particularly when I had to twist my tongue and thinking in English to speak with our international corporate clients. Madlen has guided me to realize my inner blocks and limiting beliefs and that’s where the language really started to open up. Now I feel I can express myself in English without boundaries. Thank you.

  • George P., Regional Manager, Ficosota Syntez

    I would highly recommend Madlen as an English communication and executive presence coach. I connected with her soon after landing a promotion and from our first meeting, I was impressed by how well she understood my specific goals and challenges in my leadership role. I have been able to leverage our sessions into being a more impactful leader at work with clients, internal stakeholders, and junior talent. Madlen makes a significant difference to my professional life.