Personalized Development Solutions For Your Top Talent


Lack the executive presence or confidence to successfully fill their roles
Are qualified but lack the emotional intelligence to inspire and coach the potential of people on their team
Struggle to connect and build strong relationships with colleagues and employees
Don’t freely speak up or don't feel in control of their conversational moments
Face unanticipated leadership challenges in the virtual world of work


Fail to realize when to be directive and when to be collaborative

I can support your key people in these areas within a unique coaching framework that focuses on soft skills and mindful communication.

Please browse through the range of skills I can cover below, or contact me to discuss in more detail.

Corporate English Language Training

Designed to improve the professional competence in English of executives and their teams with focus on:

  • Speaking in-the-moment with more sense and confidence in front of colleagues, clients and partners.


  • Utilising the power of words as an opportunity for creative motivation and talent attraction.


  • Demonstrating character and leadership through improved language and interpersonal skills.


  • Flexing communication styles to say the right thing at the right time to the right people.
  • Mastering the art of giving feedback to promote growth mindset.

When you grow your leaders, you grow your business.

Let’s enhance leadership performance in 

your company through the power of coaching.

Each organization is different and will need to address its own leadership challenges and goals. Click below to schedule a no obligation, 30 min consultation.


Professional Soft Skills Coaching

The communicative-coaching signature approach enables learning to occur and performance to improve. It blends upskilling through mindful communication in English, emotional intelligence for collaborative work, language awareness and language for empowerment of self and organizations. 


Trainings are designed to accelerate the performance and English fluency of people who are in leadership position and who want to become more inspiring and influential. 


In sessions, I listen to what your people really need to remove barriers and gain confidence. We identify negative patterns, limiting beliefs and unconscious behaviours that only hold us back - and transform them to create positive change. People start showing up with the full energy of their true selves and become better leaders, communicators and collaborators.


One-to-one corporate language coaching for professionals who wish to become active, independent, and self-advancing superior performers.


For executives and managers who want to uplevel their conversational confidence in English, refine people skills and build strong teams.


The Soft Skills Companies Need Most in 2020







  • Eleonora, L., Operations Manager, EMED Group

    Madlen teaches real communication in English. Since my team and I started sessions a few months ago, with Madlen we have been practising highly-realistic role plays and discussing work scenarios that are directly connected with our daily tasks and responsibilities. As a result we improved our internal communication, English fluency and became more conscious of words  and business terms. With Madlen it’s more than just improving English language skills, it’s a new way of looking at yourself and others.

  • Dr. Elizabeth N., Dermatologist, City Clinic

    My experience with Madlen was and is still very rewarding. I needed to improve my English language skills and get out of my shell so to speak. Now I feel I am becoming more confident and professional. Madlen is a multi-talented coach, with great people skills. I am very impressed and grateful for her commitment and friendship. I’d recommend her to anyone who needs to master public speaking or presentations in English.

  • Teodor S., Software Developer, IGSoft

    Madlen is a professional and competent English communication coach. Our company has hired her to help us effectively communicate in our team meetings and international projects and also we have recommended her to other organizations for communication coaching services in English. She builds the training program around the team’s needs to help achieve their goals. Very efficient!

  • Mira M., Event Manager, Happy Tour Group Ltd

    I have always had self-esteem and confidence issues particularly when I had to twist my tongue and thinking in English to speak with our international corporate clients. Madlen has guided me to realize my inner blocks and limiting beliefs and that’s where the language really started to open up. Now I feel I can express myself in English without boundaries. 

    Thank you.

  • George P., Regional Manager, Ficosota Syntez

    I would highly recommend Madlen as an English communication and executive presence coach. I connected with her soon after landing a promotion and from our first meeting, I was impressed by how well she understood my specific goals and challenges in my leadership role. I have been able to leverage our sessions into being a more impactful leader at work with clients, internal stakeholders, and junior talent. Madlen makes a significant difference to my professional life.